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CEDIMA Wall Saw: WS - 301

CEDIMA Wall Saw: WS - 301
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CEDIMA Wall Saw: WS - 301 - The large radius of the swivel arm enables direct operation of a 800mm saw blade without precut.

Now with high-frequency drive and 300mm cutting depth

  • With an output of 11kW the fully-electric wall saw WS-301 is the most powerful saw of its class.
  • The saw captivates by its extremely compact design. Blade drive motors and additional motors are protected by being integrated in one housing
  • The large radius of the swivel arm enables direct operation of a 800mm saw blade without precut.
  • The complete electric/electronic has been designed and certified according to the EMV-regulations (electromagnetic compatibility). This makes the saw applicable without any problems also in sensitive areas such as hospitals or airports.
  • the saw is equipped with a buffer for a final stop.
  • The water supply to the saw blade can be interrupted by means of a bypass function. Thus the WS-301 can also be operated in dry cutting mode.
  • The large carrying handles enables comfortable transport on the job site.
  • The contol box of the SW-301 serves for taking the necessary electronics as well as a transport box for the cutting head.
  • The rubber-bedded electronic is placed int he upper part, protected against shocks. It has been designed for a permanent output of 15kW and a peak capacity of 23kW
  • The feed drive is placed behind the front cover. The lower part of this compartment can also be used for the comfortable transport of the WS-310
  • Also on uneven terrain the large wheels enalbe it to be easily moved forward.
  • The electronics can also be utilised for the control of the CEDIMA Automatic Wire Saws CSA-500 E and CSA-1001 E.
  • The blade guard, 2 pieces, for the WS-301 is made of light aluminium. The "drive-along" blade guard can be opened for cutting corners.
  • A flush cutting blade guard is available as well. The flange for flush cutting of the WS-400 can also be utilised for the WS-301.
  • The guide rails of the WS-301 are made of torsion-resistant aluminium profiles. Thus a very low weight could be obtained.
  • The rail blocks are manufactured of a high-solid magnesium alloy. They are equipped with a dove-tail receptacle and can be indefinitely displaced on the rail.
  • The rails are connected by means of an aluminium-made connecting device.
  • The rail system of the WS-400 can be utilised without any modifications. The rails are available in 700, 1400 and 2100 mm.
Technical data WS-301
Blade drive   electric
Motor type   water cooled, high frequency electric motor
Delivered output S1/S6 kW 9/11
Maximum cutting depth mm 300
Maximum blade-Ø mm 800
Feed / lowering   electric
RPM cutting arbor   infinitely adjustable
Total weight kg 29
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 365 x 360 x 380

*S1 - permanent output / S6 - output at discontinued operation

Technical data Control Box
Permanent output S1 kW 16
Short-term output (1 min) kW 23
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 390 x 580 x 970
Weight mkg 44
Accessories   10m cable to the saw
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